Local Home Remodeling Company

There are many reasons homeowners need to remodel their house. If you’re looking for a home remodeling company, call F’Deluca Construction. We have decades of experience in remodeling and construction making us the one call for all your home remodeling needs.

Major Remodels

A major remodel includes removing or moving walls, plumbing, and electrical. Not all home remodeling companies can handle all aspects of a major remodel. After our initial consultation, we’ll determine which walls in your home are load bearing and where modifications can be made. Once we have a plan for your newly designed space, we’ll get to work. You’ll appreciate that our teams get started and work on your project until it’s completed. We strive to complete all our jobs on time and within budget. 


Minor Remodeling Projects

No job is too small for this home remodeling company. Minor remodels can seem as big a change to a home as major ones. If you need a wall built to make one large room into two smaller ones, we can help. Some of our other smaller remodeling projects include adding closets to a room to make it a bedroom, enclosing a large hallway to make a private office, and widening doorways to accommodate a wheelchair.


Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Two of our specialties are kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Sometimes these rooms are included in a major remodel and other times they’re projects on their own. Both kitchen and bath remodels can be major or minor. If we’re reconfiguring the space, we refer to it as a major remodel, but if we’re just updating the space, we call it a minor remodel. Both are well within our project scope.

If you’re looking to remodel because your family has changed or you need to modify your home for an aging family member, we are ready to help you through the process. Because we’ve been a Tampa home remodeling company for more than 15 years, we know the best ways to make a home safe and usable for someone using a wheelchair or walker to get around.

Of course, if your remodel is simply because your home is dated, we can help with that too. No matter the reason for your remodeling project, call F’Deluca Construction today to schedule your free consultation.

We can be reached at (727) 612-5894 or by completing our contact form.