We Are Your Flooring Company Too!

Because F’Deluca Contruction is a full service general contractor, we can handle all aspects of your home remodel from the floors to the ceiling and everything in between. If you’re planning an addition and need new floors just for that room, if you're undergoing a whole home remodel, or if you just need new flooring, we want to be your flooring company. 

New Floors as Part of Your Remodel

When you’re doing a total remodel of any part of your home, if it includes moving or removing cabinets or walls, you likely need new flooring. In the Tampa area, tile is the choice for bathrooms, kitchens and for many homeowners, throughout the home. It’s durable, comes in many sizes and styles (including wood-look tile), and looks great for years with little maintenance.
Engineered and hardwood flooring are gaining in popularity throughout many living spaces. It’s great in the bedroom and kitchen but should be installed with caution in the bathroom because excess moisture isn’t good for wood flooring. You can finish your hardwood floors with just about any color stain and go with a matte or gloss finish. Engineered wood most often comes pre-finished and each manufacturer offers a variety of styles and board widths. 


Replacement Flooring

If you need new floors because you want to update or upgrade your home, we can help. We’ll come into your home and provide the same free consultation that we offer our home remodeling customers. Our consultant will measure the spaces you are considering new flooring for and guide you to some options that suit your family’s lifestyle and your budget. 
Whether we’re your remodeling company or flooring company, we do our prep work prior to installing your new floors. That means we make sure your floors are level, check the moisture content if we’re installing on a slab, and if you’ve chosen real hardwood flooring, we let it acclimate in your home prior to installation.
If you’re looking for a general contractor for your home renovation and want someone who can be your flooring company too, call F’Deluca Construction. We are professionals at all the services we offer and will guide you to the best option for your home.

Call for your free estimate for new floors, a kitchen remodel, or any of our others services. We can be reached at (727) 612-5894 or by completing our contact form.