The Beauty of Tile and Marble
as Part of Your Home Remodel

Marble has been used for centuries for flooring, countertops, mantles, window sills, and more. Tile is nearly as versatile and comes in many patterns, sizes, and colors. If you want tile or marble included in your home remodel, call Alfonso Tile and Marble. We use only the finest tile and most exquisite marble, much of which comes from Italy. 


Today’s tile comes in more sizes, shapes, and patterns than ever before. Wood-look tile is a popular option for homeowners who want the look of wood, but the water resistance of tile. Large format tile can make a room look grand. Because there are so many options with tile, you can find something that suits the style you’re looking for in any room of your home remodel. From shower walls to kitchen backsplashes and flooring throughout your home, tile is an excellent choice.


Marble is a great option for many applications. It’s important to consider your lifestyle before choosing marble in any part of a home remodel. For example, if you’re looking at white marble for your bathroom countertops and use things like liquid makeup and hair dye, you may stain it if you’re not attentive and clean it quickly. The same goes for red wine and tomato-based products on your kitchen counters. If it’s something you want in your kitchen and you’re not diligent about using a cutting board, you may want to choose a more scratch-resistant natural stone. 


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